App Review: Stress Free

Stress Free App Review

Stress Free is a stress management application produced by Thrive. Available on Android and iOS devices, the system makes use of tried and tested techniques, which can be introduced to your daily activities in order to proactively fight the causes and symptoms of stress and anxiety. In utilising years of study and clinical research trials at the University of Roehampton, the Stress Free app is an in-the-pocket solution to guiding yourself towards improved mental health and a calmer outlook on life.

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Brain Review: Social Anxiety Dad

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Having failed to contact the seller, I am afraid that this review remains my final means of retort for what has proven to be a highly conflicting purchase. Despite Royal Mail keeping up their end of the bargain and delivering my new brain in speedy fashion, I opened my supposed cerebral upgrade, only to be immediately hit by the punishing humiliation of buyer’s remorse. 

What I was looking at, was the neurological equivalent of the time my previous brain decided I was in desperate need of a David Bowie Labyrinth statue.  It just never managed to match the excitement I had felt at the point of purchase. If Bowie was busy querying Life on Mars, I was busy hoping that there was simply life inside of this box.

My brand new brain was rattling freely inside of its packaging, ironically marked…

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