Nursery – DIY Dadding 101

Adding a baby to our herd and polishing a… yep.

When it comes to bringing a baby into the world and (presuming you don’t panic and scarper) back home from the hospital, we social anxiety sufferers have one thing going for us above all others: plenty of additional time spent in our homes. With that, comes an insidious responsibility to ensure that the devil cannot make work for idle hands, so DIY and interior design are a must. After all, we need something to keep ourselves sane whilst struggling to remember when it was that we last left the house. I have found that this usually allows for even the most creatively stunted (looking in the mirror) to shine with aesthetic wonder. So, when I discovered that we had a little man on the way, the first thing I did was set about transforming what had previously been a poor excuse for a rarely used spare bedroom, into a boy’s nursery I could be proud to show my friends, family and you, the good folks of the blogosphere (using that word was a first, so that’s something I’ve done today)…

So, this is the starting point. Or, at least, the starting point before the real starting point. You see, I forgot to take any pictures during the early stages of my DIY procedure. Fortunately, I was able to locate this bland image from when we had purchased the property 4 years ago. Good ol’ privacy denying internet. Handy!

Admittedly, in those 4 years, we had done little to the room other than fill it with junk. As such, it remained a bland and poorly carpeted spare bedroom, with a lopsided built-in-wardrobe ensuring that access via the doorway was limited to only the most svelte of visitors. Still, nice windows!

So, the plan? Make it a room that represents everything this is not. The perfect place to begin? Let’s see what those floorboards look like. Hmmm, not good. Well, I can assure you that they didn’t. But, again, no pictures at this early stage. No matter… carpet up. Industrial sander and edger down. Hoover. 3 layers of white stain. 2 more top coats and 2 weeks later… Hey Presto!!! A shiny wooden floor and tidied up skirting make for a far better nursery foundation.

The next step was to make something out of the ugly built in wardrobe. Sure, it was functional, but accompanied by chipped, hollow wooden doors, with mirrors stuck on by a visibly thick layer of no-more-nails: truly the un-handyman’s go-to tool. The main issue here was that we needed to keep the space for storing our own clothes, so that meant that, in some shape or form, the wardrobe had to stay. First thing that went were the aforementioned doors, and well, once they were off, it was clear that they had to stay off.

PS. Anyone noticed the disparity between male and female clothing space? Tut… Stereotypes.

Also, anyone questioning my poor choice in clothing, please do not judge, I know not what I do.

The next thing I needed to get at was the laborious joy of painting the walls. At this point, you have probably already guessed the problem that lay ahead, a problem I was far to gung-ho to foresee: Why didn’t I paint the walls and then do the brand new floor? No issue, calm, breathe, don’t panic!  Okay, a little panic and now we move on. Dust sheets down. Paint bought. The colours? Well, I’m not exactly bold and brazen in making decisions, so you can guarantee the colours were never going to be eye blisteringly bright. After all, the colour I am replacing is magnolia (I painted that wall. I have the same colour throughout my entire house. That was my choice!). Nonetheless, my boy will not be left with a visual treat as dull as magnolia or as blank as white. No. He will have ALMOST ENTIRELY WHITE, with a smidgeon of blue. LOOK!

With a few bits of furniture ready to go, it was time to get them in and test them out. Along with the radiator

cover came the blinds, a rug, the crib and a changing table. Wow, that’s nearly everything!

You have probably noticed an oddity in the above gallery, as the wall appears to have gone back to its original magnolia colour. Well, I can only suggest that you don’t worry, just think of it as an amateur continuity error; you’ve seen the Harry potter films, right? Snap! Anyway, here are some more snaps (of the pictorial variety). Time to let some of the products we bought speak for themselves. There really are some amazing baby brands out there and plenty of companies after your money. So, let me just say this:

If you have played a key role in creating pleased-as-punch grandparents-to-be and they happen to have more money than sense, then hey, go nuts!

By now, the main bits and pieces have made their way in and we are almost there. All we need now is a baby… and a few final touches. First comes the easy part (more spending of money on cute stuff) then it’s back to the DIY. But, we are in the final stretch and that means putting in some coving to hide the paint bleed between wall and ceiling. After that, time for a bit of creative licence with a fun wall design, and the conversion is complete (please let it work)…

There you have it. The nursery is done! Baby’s name is above the crib, but we shall save that reveal for a later date.

Soon, my beautiful design will be ruined, as child vomit and faeces hurtle through the air at startling speeds and onto the once fresh walls, floor and ceiling. Until then, I hope I have done my firstborn proud. If you like the design, please do let me know. It’s always great to hear opinions.

Can’t wait for the memories we will share in this room.

Nursery ready. Now your turn, baby!
Nursery ready. Now your turn, baby!

1 thought on “Nursery – DIY Dadding 101”

  1. You’ve done a beautiful job there Mark, you have a lucky little lad on his way. Good to see that you have the tie off nappy container ready, it’s the first essential item I recommend to new parents based on our experience.

    So excited for the three of you and I look forward to seeing your updates, good luck and love from Torz, Oz and I

    Liked by 1 person

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